20+ Lovely Homemade Furniture Polish

Using the micro-fibre cloth wipe the surface in a circular motion until the entire surface is well polished. Today I want to share an easy beeswax furniture polish recipe with you.

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Claire Gay is back with her Go Green for 2015 series and this week she is showing you how to create homemade furniture polishSubscribe.


Lovely Homemade Furniture Polish. A good silicone free and homemade furniture polish is. Probably no more than 1 Tbsp. This is an excellent natural wood polish if you.

Once polish has been applied allow the wood to air dry. Cover the entire piece completely with the polish in. This recipe for natural homemade furniture polish is quick easy and effective.

Do not use warming or fragrance oil in place of the essential oil. Immediately wipe off with a dry soft cloth. Place both the beeswax and the olive oil into a double boiler such as demonstrated in the image below.

Adding vinegar increases the cleaning power of the polish. Put the ingredients in a bowl. Homemade Furniture Polish Learn how to make your own homemade furniture polish with two frugal ingredients that are likely sitting in your pantry right now.

The ingredients in this natural homemade furniture polish accomplish several things. If you have some wood surfaces that need a little love this simple homemade furniture polish is easy to make and leaves the wood looking refreshed for a long time. Directions for Making Natural Furniture Polish.

If desired add your favorite essential oil citrus is popular to leave your room smelling bright and fresh after every dusting. Now using another rag or old cotton cloth apply a small amount of homemade furniture polish at a time. To bring those pieces back to their glory use this homemade polish.

Once you try this DIY Furniture Polish you will be hooked. Not only are they pretty but they are perfect for furniture polish. Ingredients 3 parts olive oil I used THIS.

Mix the ingredients before every use because the white vinegar and olive oil separate after they sit for a while. Lo and behold- your furniture will shine like new. Use more of the lemon oil if you like a stronger lemon scent.

Store in a sealed jar. Apply a dab to a soft cloth and use to polish wood furniture as needed. Behold your shiny new-looking furniture.

Once done add 2 tablespoons of olive oil to it. Homemade dusting spray will last in a cool dark place for up to six months. Let it cool until it reaches a semi-hard consistency.

But it still works wonderfully as a polish. White vinegar is a natural disinfectant that removes soil and smudges. To apply the homemade furniture cleaner dip a clean rag into the polish and rub onto your wood furniture.

Put the beeswax and olive oil in a double boiler and place on the oven over medium heat. Olive oil moisturizes and shines wood but also helps dissolve dirt. How do you use Homemade Furniture Polish.

Repeat as much as you like for all your furniture. This should take about two. And I love it.

The lemon essential oil provides additional shine and leaves a lovely fragrance. It is easier than you think to keep your wood furniture looking great – and you dont even have to resort to toxic sprays. With a few organic ingredients youll be able to ditch the toxic chemicals for good.

There are times when we take out some of the oldest furniture from our storerooms because now they are trendy and earlier they were not. Soak up a small amount of the polish with a soft cloth and polish your wooden furniture. Always rub the products in the direction of the wood grain.

Just be careful not to spill I made this mistake once but the wood floors looked quite lovely once Id cleaned it all up. Begin by cleaning off any dust on the furniture with a damp microfiber cloth and wipe dry. Using a dry clean soft cloth an old t-shirt works great apply a small amount to the furniture cutting board etc.

1c olive 14 c white vinegar 2-3 drops lemon essential oil optional Mix in spray bottle lightly spray lint free cloth and wipe furniture with the grain for heavier clean and shine spray directly on furniture and wipe. Instructions on making natural beeswax furniture polish. With a soft cloth apply this on your furniture.

You can change up the essential oils if you would like to create your favorite scent combination. Pour the mixture into a clean wide-mouth container. Buff this into the wood using a circular motion.

Turn the nozzle of the spray bottle to spray in a full cone and not a flat stream. Shake the homemade furniture polish well and apply to a clean cloth. Those are meant more for cosmetic purposes and may not be safe for the furniture.

For this simple polish recipe mix the ingredients in a sealable airtight container. You can use it on wood furniture as well as clean. Lemon Scented Homemade Furniture Polish.

Begin by melting 2 large tablespoons of beeswax in a metal bowl. My preference is to spray the homemade dusting spray onto a microfiberdusting cloth and then buff the furniture. I like to use squat mason jars for my homemade furniture polish.

Warm until the beeswax has completely melted. I like to think of it as a fail-win. You can make a double boiler by floating a saucepan inside another pan filled with hot water.

DIY homemade cleaning furniturepolishI have been making this furniture polish for years. How to Use Homemade Furniture Polish. A flat stream emits a linear pointed spray instead of a fuller finer stream.

In warmer weather coconut oil will melt. Stir in the antioxidant and essential oil. The full cone will widely distribute the polish.

Tips on Using Homemade Furniture Polish. This Homemade Furniture polish has a fabulous fragrance and does a great job of keeping your wood shiny and well moisturized. This product will clean and polish at the same time but if you have a super dirty wood piece of furniture I would suggest cleaning it first with a natural cleaner then follow it with this homemade furniture polish.

At a time but preferably less. Submit a Recipe Correction. Use the cloth to spread the polish and apply all over the wood surface.

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